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6月25日(日)11:50-13:00 12F特別会議場

How to manage peri-implant diseases
SCHWARZ, Frank (Heinrich Heine University, Germany)

CHWARZ, Frank (Heinrich Heine University, Germany) The management of infectious diseases affecting osseointegrated implants in function has become a demanding issue in implant dentistry. While nonsurgical therapy was effective in the treatment of mucositis lesions, for peri-implantitis, mechanical debridement alone has shown limited efficacy. Adjunctive measures (e.g. local antibiotics/ antispectics, laser application) may be effective in arresting disease progression at initial sites, however, moderate to advanced peri-implantitis lesions commonly require a more demanding surgical intervention or even removal of the implant.
Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to:
1. Identify the major risk indicators for peri-implant diseases
2. Understand the limitations of nonsurgical treatment procedures
3. Select appropriate surgical procedures for the management of per-implantitis



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